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Heated Arch Curler

Heated Arch Curler

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Unlock Mesmerizing Lashes in Just 10 Seconds! Let your gaze narrate your beauty journey.

"Often overlooked, it's the lashes that cast a significant spell when artfully adorned. Lengthy, gracefully curled lashes not only illuminate your eyes but also bestow a tender, romantic allure upon your visage.




  Instant Curl in 10 Seconds

Unlocking heat in just 10 seconds, the Heated Arch Curler preserves your enchanting curl all day, ensuring your morning makeup remains captivating into the night.

  Elegantly defines your arch shape

Our advanced Heated Arch Curler boasts a series of enhancements, ensuring a bespoke arch design that harmonizes seamlessly with your unique eye contours. Meanwhile, the gentle silicone shield safeguards your delicate eye skin and lashes.

  Precision Heat Control

Our Heated Arch Curler offers a breakthrough in eyelash care with dual heat settings and advanced automatic temperature control. Experience perfect curls and sculpting without the risk of burns or damage, ensuring safety and confidence in every use.


Step 1 : PREHEAT
Push the switch upward to start. 
For the best results allow 10 seconds to ensure fully warmed up

Step 2 : CURL
Put the heated curler under your eyelashes, press for 3 seconds.  Give a little curl up at the end.

If needed, appply mascara again to finalize styling, creating beautiful lashes.


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