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Heavenly Angel Christmas Ornament

Heavenly Angel Christmas Ornament

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To Your Loved Ones

Struggling to Find the Perfect Memorial Decor? 🌲 Is Your Tree Missing That Special Touch?" 

Discover our exquisite Heavenly Angel Christmas Ornament, designed to add a touch of angelic grace to your holiday decor and keep cherished memories alive.  Our lost loved ones will always be in our minds, inspiring, encouraging, and empowering us.


A Sentimental Christmas Keepsake 

Celebrate the presence of your beloved in your life with our Feather Memorial Ornament, adorned with a heartfelt inscription: 'I Have An Angel in Heaven - I call him/her...' Fill in the blank with the name of your cherished one, and let this personalized ornament keep their memory close, a beautiful tribute to their enduring influence.

 Unrivaled Elegance and Quality

This exquisite spherical glass ornament, filled with delicate feathers and a captivating white ribbon, is meticulously crafted with top-tier materials for unmatched beauty. It's a poignant tribute that enhances any room or festive occasion.


Showcases a heartfelt "I Have an Angel In Heaven" charm.

Our Angel Ornament showcases timeless angel wings, elegantly etched with the heartfelt inscription: 'I have an Angel in Heaven - I Call Him/Her...' These profound tokens of your loved one's enduring influence transform the Angel Feather Heaven Ball into a cherished and generational keepsake, a meaningful gift to treasure.



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